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16 Sparrows Brings Personalized Stationery Back

Maybe I'm weird but I think stationary is just plain cool. Today, e-mails are the new letterhead, which is unfortunate because it feels great to receive a letter in the mail. 16 Sparrows offers fantastically fun stationary and paper goods for the all the sarcastic, quirky folks. Yay for sarcasm!

Any quirky couples out there? Maybe you want to send out a custom telegram as your Save The Date. It's inspired by a 1920s British telegram, printed on heavy weight baby blue paper, comes with official looking metal clasp envelopes and can be personalized. Different and fun all at the same time! A set of 6 costs $12.

They offer more fabulous products such as a moving announcement, a get up off your ass to do list and a take those damn pants off card. I'm telling you, it is worth a visit to their website. They even offer free downloads! Just check out their Fun Stuff section.!!!

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