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Chinese Flying Lanterns

Flying lanterns were a traditional Chinese communication tool used thousands of years ago, invented for military signalling purposes in 245 A.D. In recent years, they became a popular feature in local festivities, especially during the First Full-Moon festival in Taiwan. People would write down their wishes on the paper surface of the lanterns, which would then be lit and ascend like miniature hot air balloons. Reaching the sky, the lanterns bring messages to heaven, where wished are said to become true. The higher they fly, the more likely Heaven is to hear their prayers.

This unique product is brought to you by Wishes In The Sky, the flying lantern company. These authentic Chinese lanterns are a great addition to, or alternative to, expensive fireworks. The magical effect of launching many simultaneously make them ideal for parties, weddings or any other gathering. The lanterns boast constructions from NEW materials that ensure flame retardancy as well as accelerated biodegradability.

For a wedding or event with 100 people, the cost for everyone to release a lantern would be around $800. If there are budget restrictions, how about just having the VIP's or bride and groom and the wedding party release the lanterns! Visit Wishes In The Sky for more information.

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