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Custom Gobos

Want to take your event to a higher level of sophistication? Create a Monogram! Monogramming is a classic way to personalize any event. You can print it on t-shirts, banners, aisle runners, rubber stamps, on your wedding stationery, event program covers, wedding favors, party favors. The list goes on and on. Another nifty use of your monogram is to create a custom gobo.

What is a custom gobo? Star Light & Magic breaks it down nicely and provides pictures! Gobos are patterns for lights, and come in a wide range of sizes. A gobo is a stainless steel or glass-etched cutout, that when placed in a pattern projecting light fixture will project that image onto a wall or other flat surface. Basically, gobos are another way to bring the wow factor your event.

Keep in mind, besides customizing and purchasing the gobo, there are other expenses that must be covered. Such as renting the lighting equipment needed to project the gobo, equipment to hang the lighting instrument and labor to set it up and break it down. DJ's may provide gobos, if not, any lighting company can provide these services.

Apollo Design is a reputable company to use to design your gobo. There are design template available to download on their website. Before you go customizing, check with your local lighting company to find out if they carry the correct size lighting instrument to project your gobo.

On a budget? Try searching for floor decals. Visit They sell “Just Married” Wedding Ballroom Floor Cling which is a vinyl floor decal that sticks safely to most smooth surfaces. The cling can even be customized with the bride and groom’s names and it costs less than $20 bucks.

Remember, there is always a trick to make your event special and unique!

Photo courtesy of Luxury Wedding Society

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