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Lilly Pulitzer Inspired Bachelorette Weekend Featured in Southern Bride's Magazine

The list is a long of the advantages of being a business owner. One is opportunity, and it presents itself in many forms. On a personal level, I have been blessed with the opportunity to follow my passion; to discover I possess the fortitude to handle and surpass setbacks; the energy to survive exhausting hours and the intense amount of effort required to build a business; to achieve the goal many people close to not only tied to dissuade me from pursuing, but to actually revise my dream to and pursue a real job; to come across supportive colleagues who offered guidance, advice, praise and encouragement, all of which helped me to not give up and continue along on my journey; to be empowered when my dream and vision came to fruition; or, the best opportunity I have been blessed, it is the opportunity to ensure my daughter bears first hand witness to the result of what dedication, hard work and follow through leads to when you follow your passion and dreams! 

Incredibly these are merely a few of the amazing opportunities I have been afforded since opening Lauren Daversa Events.  

Another facet in the many sided benefits of opportunity which stem from being a business owner is the opportunity to meet new people! Clearly, part of my business is just that - meet A LOT of people. Many are couples planning their wedding! And surely enough, these meetings lead to couples becoming LDE clients!  However, I am way emotionally invested in my company, and I do not view couples as clients but rather as new members of this unbelievable LDE family I've created over the past decade! 

And it is never the bride and groom who join the LDE family.  Oh no!  It is their family and friends, maybe their children, their pets, neighbors, work colleagues, etc. Honestly, I never know who I will meet, but I do know it's going to be great!  Take for instance a look below at this beauty!

Meet Lara!

Our first meeting started discussing her wedding! Eventually, we officially welcomed her to the LDE family and I found out that not only is she a sweet, sweet person, but she is also a passionate and driven woman who is following her dreams! 

Recently she took the leap of faith all small business owners take, and opened her own company:
She creates the most beautifully curated gifts and accessories for every sort of celebration one can imagine.

Lara of Gala Tuesday
and yes
she is always smiling!

And from there, I was then introduced to the incredibly talented Kirstie, another passionate, driven woman following her dreams!

Like myself, and Lara, Kirstie took the leap and opened her a photography studio:

Today, she travels the world and and captures couples in love!

of Kir2Ben Photography
and yes she always 
has her camera with her!

So what happens when you combine the creative talents of these ladies and a bachelorette weekend?  Just keep scrolling and feast your eyes on this Lilly Pulitzer Inspired Bachelorette Weekend, shot all over Charleston throughout Labor Day weekend.

Masterfully styled by Gala Tuesday, captured by Kir2Ben Photography ... well see for yourself!

Lilly Pulitzer Inspired Bachelorette Weekend Featured in Southern Bride's Magazine

The Bridal Squad
arriving to Charleston on Labor Day weekend
to explore the the South Carolina coast
on their weekend in “Laradise”

And now, marvel at all Lara's work on creating the fixins' for her bridesmaids
for this southern inspired soirée!

The Welcome Bags
Yup, her girls arrived to Charleston and were greeted with these beauties!
COMEON, when you're a professional celebration curator 
how else do you kick off the weekend?

 Bags included champagne, matching Lilly tunics and flamingo drink floats
lovingly placed inside a tote by Sixpence Press

Just another shot of the girls with their incredible welcome bags
and how happy they are to receive such a thoughtful gift!

And how ecstatic the girls were to receive such a thoughtful gift!
 However, Lara's gifting did not stop with her goodie bags!  

She gifted the girls matching Lilly Pulitzer Flagler Tunics ...

...and custom, hand painted beach hats
for them to all on their day at Folly Beach!

Clearly these girls have a strong bond, and a super love for their friend and bride-to-be, Lara!
And the idea of a bachelorette weekend is major trend happening in the wedding world.  
Seriously, what a great trend, and certainly one I see growing! After all, these are experiences 
that do not happen all the time.  

Just as bridesmaids will put a tremendous amount of effort into the wedding,
it's wonderful to be the bride who puts a tremendous amount of thought and effort
into celebrating their commitment, along with the reason why these ladies 
are an important part of the wedding!  

And being sure to have a professional photographer with you is a must
- how else will you forever have professional pictures of these priceless memories
... like the ones you're loving in this post!

This is pure happiness!
Job well done, Lara & Kirstie!

Though these are only are a few of the details Gala Tuesday created, and Kir2Ben captured, they were more than enough to showcase how fabulous this Lilly Pulitzer Bachelorette Weekend was to Southern Bride's Magazine - so much featured the entire extravaganza! You can check out the full post by clicking here!

Also be sure to check back for LDE's full wedding recap of Lara & Louis' Palm Beach wedding: ceremony at St. Ann Catholic Church, and reception at The Henry Morrison Flagler Museum! And as always, for up to the minute LDE posts, head on over to our Instagram account! I'm a great Instagram poster, and love to share the fun shenanigans and happenings going on at LDE as we continue to plan from Palm Beach to New York, Florence and everywhere in between!  

Oh and cliff hanger, Gala TuesdayKir2Ben Photography and Lauren Daversa Events have something up our sleeves!  It's fun, fabulous, and we are totally pumped to share - when the time is right!  

In the mean time, check these ladies out for all your own celebrations!!!!

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