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Current Music: Neil Young: Harvest Moon

Anyone who checks in regularly with LDE knows I work long hours and always have music playing. Wherever I am in the world, I LOVE music, and it must be on at all times.  I mean, I absolutely love, love, love music. And it is no joke, it is always on: it's on when I'm working in the office; it's on when I'm getting up in the AM; when I am getting ready for a meeting or an event; it's on when I'm driving; it's certainly on when I'm traveling; of course, it's on during all of my events; it's on when I'm cleaning the house; it's on when I cook; it's on when I think about exercising; it's even on during the few hours when I do sleep. Point made? Think so.

Today, I have had Harvest Moon on repeat. It happens to be one of my all time favorite songs.

While there are many stories of the meaning behind the song, it's said Neil Young wrote it as tribute to his wife, Pegi. To me, this is a love song describing a love between life long soulmates, sigh.

But besides my lyrical interpretation, Harvest Moon has one of the most beautiful melodies! And when combined with the lyrics - as sung by Neil - then add the musicians quietly embellishing with the soft strung of their guitars, then throw in the light tap-tap-tapping of the drums, and the jazzy harmonica - forget it, gets me every time!

And as music should, I get more than just melodic enjoyment from hearing it.  Harvest Moon actually provides me with a sense of contentment, of hope, it brings me happiness. It reminds me love, romance and that life long love is all possible. Surely, when you are ready to receive it, but it's all there! I see this first hand with my couples, but I feel this first hand when the song has the ability to momentarily wash away my personal fears of giving in to love, and then at the same time, it opens my heart to the excitement of possibly throwing caution to the wind, and if the time comes, letting this deep, intense, beautiful love into my heart and my life!  Music is so powerful!

It has been said, nothing lasts forever. To that I somewhat disagree. Sure, bread, eggs, milk, crappy friendships, jobs, stilettos, mascara - yup, those are things which will all go sour at some point.  But with respect to love, clearly there are cases where love lasts forever. With a parent, a child, a pet, a friend, a partner. I myself have had the joy of experiencing love a few times in different areas of my life! And when / if / should I ever experience this Harvest Moon type of love, well Mazel Tov!

This beautiful song should absolutely be considered for a First Dance - I think I've already made up my mind to use it, and I'm not even planning a wedding!  Hey, what do you expect? I'm a wedding planner. I've got love and marriage on my mind all day, all night, all year long!

Cheers to everyone finding their own Harvest Moon love and romance!
And enjoy this beautiful song!

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