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Real Wedding : Danielle + Kyle's Montauk Wedding at Sole East

Danielle and Kyle wanted a fun, weekend long, wedding celebration in Montauk. They envisioned a design where the chic elements of Manhattan effortlessly fused with Montauk's famous seaside -shabby flair.  Throughout the next year, and with the greatest of care, our bride and groom hand picked every detail for their wedding!  And 396 days after our first meeting, by way of a team, assembled of NYC's top wedding professionals, this exact experience and vision was brought to life!

For me, one of the most beautiful parts of the day was the ceremony.  It's design was whimsically-stylish and set the romantic tone for 275 of the couple's closest family and friends who were invited to sit around a large bowed tree, laced with lavish garlands, strung from its branches, and witness Danielle and Kyle exchange vows. They stood below a magnificent, hand crafted birch altar, covered with greens and florals.  Everyone also listened to one amazing celebrant, who offered many wise and touching words of wisdom throughout his entire address.
From start to finish, his sermon was filled with his sentimental thoughts and advice on the couple, love and marriage.  And for the past two months, one part of his address in particular has stayed in my mind: when the celebrant guided the groom Kyle to, "always remember the reasons why you proposed," and then guided Danielle to, "never forget the reasons why she said yes." I LOVED THIS!!!

I am one proud mama of this fabulous Montauk wedding - I might almost be able to utilize the phrase, to say that "I'm swooning over this wedding," but I'm simply not prepared to enter swooning terms into my wedding arsenal. What I am prepared to do is gush over a most talented group of wedding professionals, who seamlessly collaborated to make our couple's wedding dreams come true!

As we eagerly await the wedding images, please enjoy the trailer created by cinematographer Edward Zilberman for Orange Films.  And also, a very special thank you to the celebrant, who worked tirelessly to create a custom ceremony for his dear friends.   I'll share one more passage from his address; for me, it was the most poignant: 

"Sooner or later, we begin to understand, 
that love is more than just verses on Valentines and romance in movies. 
We begin to know that love is here and now, real and true; 
the most important thing in our lives." 

As we near the end of 2015, these words sum up exactly what I wish for everyone: for you all to have real, true love in your lives!

Be sure and check back for the reveal of Heather Waraksa's stunning wedding pictures of our Sole East wedding extravaganza!  And of course, always check in to see the shenanigans and happenings at LDE, as we continue to plan from Palm Beach to New York, Florence and all that lies in between!

The stellar team who created Danielle + Kyle's Platinum Montauk Wedding:

| photo credits - Heather Waraksa |

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