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Real Moment : The Bride's First Look at Flagler Museum in Palm Beach

What does it takes to brighten my day?  I could write an epic poem, and one verse would be dedicated to wedding pictures.   So when this beautiful shot from a previous LDE wedding came across my desk today,  it's easy to understand why I felt it had to be shared with all of you!

One year has passed since this wedding, but I am instantly transported back to this day when I see this shot.  Like it was yesterday, I remember neatly tucking away this sweet, gorgeous LDE bride into the limo.  To myself, I could not believe how radiant she looked.  She just so happens to already be the sweetest person, but she also spent the afternoon with Ms. Ivette Gil  and her Beauty Design Team, having a blast getting her hair and makeup done in an ocean view suite at The Breakers.  Um, think this would put a smile on just about any one's face!

In the blink of an eye, her limo left the valet circle, and turned onto Country Road.  The drive is a short distance from the The Breakers to the wedding venue, but I know it feels like an eternity on a bride's wedding day.  From Cocoanut Row to Whitehall Way...

... and then this.

... the instant when our bride has her first glimpse of where her sunset wedding ceremony will shortly take place:  the iconic and magnificent, Henry Morrison Flagler Museum - and captured perfectly by Ambrosio Photography.

Honestly, it's an extraordinary feeling for me to see the professional photography from my weddings; and I can only imagine the feeling for our clients!  

So what happens next?  Be sure to check back for the full recap from our Flagler Museum wedding! And of course, always check in to see the shenanigans and happenings at LDE, as we continue to plan from Palm Beach to New York, Florence and all that lies in between!

| photo credit - Ambrosio Photography |

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