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Real Event : Lisa + Cole's Gender Reveal Baby Shower

It is mind blowing to me that it was February of 2011 when I first introduced Lisa and Cole!  This was over five years ago when I shared just a few images of their engagement session, shot onsite at their family farm.  Shortly after that, I then shared the excited news that their, which featured Lisa's lily-pop bouquet, was selected to be published! SIDE NOTE - Lisa's bouquet remains the largest, most amazing bouquet LDE has seen to date! And today, I could not be any more thrilled to share a few images from their baby shower!

That it correct!  Last October,  Lisa phoned with some very exciting news : a Berger Baby was on the way!  Yes, it is totally normal for me to keep in touch with all my couples, along with their family members and even some of their friends! 

Lisa went on to share how their wedding day (which, LDE planned) was the best day of her and Cole's life.  Okay, now I am gushing! My former bride shared that they could think of no one other than LDE to create another celebration for a special moment in their lives - the Berger Baby Shower! Seriously, receiving this type of love from our LDE Family is truly one of the best parts of this job.  I consider it to be an honor! 

But Lisa was not done with the surprises, and she threw out a curve ball.  This was not going to be a typical baby shower.  The Berger Baby Shower was going to be a gender reveal!  Holy - oh - em - gee, I am excited!

AND the expecting parents were entrusting me, and only me, with the one document containing their baby's gender.  VERY IMPORTANT SIDE NOTE: by far the biggest secret I have ever been asked to keep, and not easy!

We got to work right away, and in true Berger style, they want over the top.  And so LDE delivered an over the top, outta control, gender reveal - baby shower fit for royalty.

The event took place at The Polo Club, where Team LDE worked tirelessly to transform the patio of The Mallet Grille into a pink and blue wonderland where 150 of the expecting parents friends and family oooh-ed and ahhhh-ed for the entire afternoon.

Guests walked through a billowy tunnel, into a custom made, replica of the Berger family barn.  The same barn which served as the backdrop for their engagement pictures, now has a mini-me version built to showcased a five tier cake.  The cake, of course, was complete with a carousel.  But before the cake, everyone enjoyed a three course lunch, and then danced away to their favorite songs under a chandelier strung with baby rattles and bottles.

Anticipation filled the afternoon, and in the final moments : the reveal!

Everyone gathered on the polo field to watch as Lisa and Cole lifted a blanket off an antique baby carriage, containing balloons in the color that represented the Berger Baby's gender!

Sincerely, this was an amazing afternoon.  And it took a powerhouse team of my fave industry colleagues to build such a magical world: Bambini Soiree, The Sugar Monkey, Tom Jackson Band, 1313 Photography, and of course, Black Label Wedding Films.  A huge thank you to everyone for all their efforts!!

Pink or blue?  You'll have to watch and see...

Enjoy the cinematic work of Black Label Wedding Films, and be sure to check back soon for the full event recap!

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