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TOTW : Spotify to Clarify

The ticket to paradise!  
A custom save the date to one of LDE's recent 
destination wedding extravaganzas! 

This is a great TOTW for all my destination brides : Spotify to clarify! 


So ... you are planning a destination wedding - and FYI, when I type destination, I mean outside of the US destination. Okay, back to business, you are planning a destination wedding ... how totally exciting! You've got your Pinterest board, you're venue, your dress. You are on a roll. What's next?  Why it's time to pick out your entertainment and, Houston, we have a problem! Why? Well it's very simple.  You want to walk down the aisle to an acoustic version of Squarepusher's Tommib Help Buss and during cocktail hour you want to hear a variety of Boyce Avenue and Straight No Chaser and during dinner you want  a mix of Buble and Sinatra and other crooners all leading up to an awesome mix of pop music to close out the night.  Yeah, try explaining what type of music Squarepusher makes to someone who does not speak English very well.  Not an easy challenge to do if someone is not well versed in your particular poison and does really speak English. 

What to do, what to do? 

As is the case with all destination weddings, you have two choices for the vendors : domestic or imported.  You can of course fly in a team of pros to get exactly what you want for the big day.  Along with covering their hotel, flying all the equipment in, and other expenses! Cha-ching.

Or  you can stay domestic.  And why not?  Support the local talent and interject some cultural flair into the wedding! After all, it is a destination wedding ... why on earth would you go to the extent of planning a wedding out of your own country but not want to celebrate on an international level! Okay, so maybe you don't want the entire wedding to be all samba music, which is why you need to Spotify to clarify. 

Create a virtual play list for your DJ to hear firsthand the genre of music you are looking to incorporate into the wedding.  And better yet, select certain songs (the exact version you like) that you want to hear so they can download them directly and add them to your wedding day play list.  The best thing is, as the DJ listens to the songs you've selected, they will really become well versed with your tastes.  As they understand your likes, they can enhance them with an awesome global mash up just for your wedding!  Hello ... now you've just taken your wedding to the next level!  Seriously, this is the perfect (and very foolproof) way to get everyone who is involved in the musical portion of your event all on the same page.  So Spotify to clarify!

Photos of a very happy + oh so in love LDE couple
courtesy of Lindsay Hite of Readyluck 
and snapped on location at Hotel El Convento 
in San Juan, Puerto Rico during one of LDE's recent 
destination wedding extravaganzas!  
And yes, they did Spotify to clarify.

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