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Since I opened my company, my inbox gets frequent visits from people from all over the place asking me all sorts of different questions.  Whether it's one of my own brides or grooms, a potential bride or groom, a mother of a bride or groom, or just a random  person - they've all got questions or need some sort of guidance.  And the flattering part is they want me to help!   Fortunately, it's in my nature to want to help, which is a pretty good thing - after all, I am a wedding planner and it's my job to fix problems and guide my clients along on their planning journey.  And from this was born: ASK LAUREN.


"Why won't the photographer give me every single picture from my wedding?"


This is a question I get asked all the time.  ALL THE TIME.  To be honest, I have an elevator speech that features a whole spiel of a bunch of different reasons to explain exactly why the photographer does not and never, ever will give the client ever single picture from their wedding day.  But, I'm not going to give you my elevator speech or get into all of the reasons why because I read the best post ever on this very subject matter, courtesy of Solstice Visuals.  And let me tell you, they perfectly illustrate exactly what my response is. However, it isn't really so much a post but an image, one single image, which has captured my sentiments on this hot topic and I've re-posted it below ... !

I believe this perfectly sums it all up!

The "funk face" shot; the "I cannot believe I can actually look this terrible" shot; the "no one can ever see this picture" shot.  Each and every one of you has seen a picture like this and most likely you've got one, maybe two, of these photographic gems of yourself hidden away in a sub-sub-sub folder on your computer.  What's worse, someone you know might have a picture like this of you hidden away in a sub-sub-sub folder on their computer!

Now ask yourself: "Do you want this type of picture to exist with you in it?" NO!  "Does a photographer want to attach their brand to a pictures like this for other brides to see?"  NO!  I can personally guarantee you, all professional photographers will give their clients all of the photographers that best represent their work featuring your wedding.  They don't want to stash away their product, they want everyone to know how awesome their work is!  Especially their clients.  So rest assured, you will receive all of the images from your big day that you will want to look at.  And make peace with the fact that the photographer left the bogus images on the cutting room floor.

Have a question?  Need some good advice?  Don't know who to turn to?  You're in luck!  Email and let us help.

Photo of Lauren Daversa answering all sorts of wedding and special event related questions is courtesy of Jessica Lorren Organic Photography.

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