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Current Music : Matt Dusk

Anyone who checks in regularly with LDE knows that:

  • I work really long hours and tend to have Pandora playing in my office.
  • I love music. I mean, I absolutely love, love, love music. It's always on. It's on when I'm working in the office; it's on when I get ready to attend an event; it's on when I'm driving to my meetings; it's certainly on during all of my special events + weddings (from set up to break down); it's on when I'm cleaning the house; it's on when I cook; it's even on during the few hours when I sleep. Point made? Think so.
  • I am a sucker for jazz, big band, standards, swing music - yada, yada, yada.
  • I thoroughly enjoy finding new music.
So, when Matt Dusk popped up on Pandora tonight, I seriously did an inner-back flip! He is awesome - very Buble! My favorite song is hands down Back In Town. And I mean favorite like - I LOVE it, like put-it-on-repeat-for-an-hour love it. Great song with a bit of big band, mixed with a little bit of pop, a touch of the standard and a hint of Madonna's "Back In Business" from Dick Tracey - hell ya, I just referenced Dick Tracey, a soundtrack I proudly own and still break out from time to time!

So, Mr. Dusk is the perfect artist to put on your wedding play list. Look him up and enjoy!

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