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Win 2 Nights At Boca Raton Resort

Lauren Daversa Events has birdies all over the place and one of them told me how you can win a 2 night stay at the uber-fabulous Boca Raton Resort!! Here's the deal, my lovely, devoted readers...get yourself down to the Napleton West Palm Beach Hyundai to register BY SATURDAY, the drawing is on Sunday. Fill out a form, snap a picture of your beautiful-self with your dashing fiancĂ© and voilĂ ! You just put yourself in the running to win a 2-night stay at the Boca Raton Resort - sweet!! But wait there's more! In addition, you will arrive in style in a 2010 Hyundai Genesis – woo-hoo - and have your picture in the Palm Beach Post. Yay Palm Beach Post. So good luck - may the best bride win!

PS - If you win, promise to send us the winning picture!!! Just in

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