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Celebrating Vendors

This video is hilarious! A little long but it gets good. WARNING: not all vendors are created equal - and you will see why if you watch the parody above!

The sad thing is, clients hire vendors who are so green or just scam artists because they simply just don't know. The one thing that bothers me to no end is when I find out my DOC couple's are working with craptastic vendors because I know they will not be happy with the product they are going to get.

Some vendors are more expensive than others; some have more experience than others; some are more creative; some are better communicators; some are better at sticking to the budget; some are better dreamers; some are better at follow through. When talking with vendors keep these the two things to keep in mind:

1.) In most all cases, you get what you pay for.
2.) Just because you refer to yourself as something, does not mean you are. Hello, just ask someone how tall they are or what they weigh and then weigh/measure them!

True story, I have spoken with a bride, on more than one occasion, who wants to have a 150 person wedding, on a Saturday night, in March, at an oceanside mansion, with a 5-course meal, a photographer, videographer, 7 piece band, photobooth, an antique Rolls Royce, a Vera Wang wedding dress and full coordination from a wedding coordinator on a $10K budget. First of all, Lauren Daversa Events is not the company for you! And second, the scenario listed above is impossible! Seriously, it's impossible. And I cannot think of one experienced planner who could make this happen - unless they are competing on a TV show and pulling favors from ALL of their industry colleagues.

So brides, if the wedding you want is listed above, and you speak with a planner who says they can make this happen...walk away. No, run away. Or else you will end up with a planner like one featured in the video above and a lot of heartache and disappointment on your special day! The investment in hiring an experienced planner is worth it. A coordinator is your guide through the planning process, the person who will save you money and ensure you work with experienced professionals! Yeah, we're worth it!


  1. Lauren,

    This is so funny! I love the part about the boxed lunch prepared earlier this true, just had one yesterday at the Four Seasons! I have seen one of these about a bride and a wedding photographer..i will have to find it for you :)

  2. I saw it, it is just as hilarious as this yet sadly true.