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TOTW : Diacritical Marks

This week's TOTW is a fun tip to help relieve a small amount of stress from our brides + grooms who don't know how to format diacritic marks in excel. Okay but what's a diacritic mark? The answer is diacritical marks are ancillary glyphs found in many international names and addresses. For instance in the Scandinavian languages, characters with diacritics include ä, ö and å.

Great, and why do you need to be able to format them in Excel? Well, since I am sure you are all organizing your guest list in excel - is it is the preferred format for most every printer - you may find that you have a guest with an international name or address. Ahh, now you see why you need to know how to incorporate diacritic marks into Excel!

Don't worry, the answer is SO simple because you can type any character from the ASCII character set. Hold down the ALT key while typing in 0 + the number of the character you want. For instance, you can enter a German umlauted u (ü) into a cell by typing ALT 0252 followed by ENTER. See, I told you it was simple.

Where would you find this magical list? Well, there are tons of character sets available on the Internet. They will list all the ASCII characters and their corresponding numbers so you can painstakingly format all your fabulous international names and addresses for your DIY invitations. Enjoy and happy planning!

Photo courtesy of Michael Ciancio via I Love Typography

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