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Event Inspiration : Ruffles

As long as your eyes are open, you have probably noticed the influx of ruffles on the wedding circuit. Let me point out, I am not a ruffle girl. I didn't play with dolls growing up, or have dreams of a Victorian existence in our modern world. Not that there is anything wrong with either of those childhood scenarios, I'm simply offering you a glimpse, a tiny Malkovich-style portal into who I am and who I am most certainly not.

Tying in this Starbucks-induced rant: ruffles. They are popping up all over the place beyond wedding dresses and shoes and you know what, this non doll playing / anti-Victorian lover likes it! Yeah, I like it a lot. My three favorite places to see ruffles: table linen, chair linen and cakes.

Scarlett Lillian, a phenomenal photographer based out of Jacksonville who is of course available for travel worldwide, recently shot a wedding at the to-die-for gorgeous Vizcaya Museum in Miami where she showcased some fabulous ruffled table linens courtesy of Wild Flower Linens.

If you can stand it, I am also crushing on Chameleon Chair. Though all of their products are great, I am loving the ruffle collection. Hello! Seriously, hell-o!!!

In the end, the ultimate professional accomplishment is being able to take this amazing trend and let your clients eat it. Now who better to show you how it's done than my woman, Martha.

Okay, before you run out and buy a ruffled wedding gown, and ruffled shoes, a ruffle flower to place in your ruffled hair, while you carry the ruffled bouquet your florist designed, STOP. Don't go ruffle crazy, really don't go overboard with any idea, color, scent, concept... Like anything in life, moderation is key. If you don't know how to walk the fine line between sophisticated and kitschy contact a professional. Hmmmm, I have on the tip of my tongue, oh yeah - Lauren Daversa Events because perfect events don't just happen...they are planned.

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