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For The Bride : Do Not Forget A Dress Hanger

Let me paint a picture...Bride Bella has spent months searching for the perfect wedding gown, trying on wedding gowns, dreaming about wedding gowns, rationalizing how to pay for her dream wedding gown. Then, on that special day, she found it. It's beautiful and expensive but who cares, this is her wedding, her once in a lifetime, special day!

Fast forward nine months to Bride Bella's wedding day. She's gotten her nails done, her make-up done, her hair done. She is the perfect shade of a light, golden bronze without being orange. The photographer is in her hotel suite snapping pictures of all the details while she sips on champagne with her bridesmaids. Everything is amazing. But there is a small detail that was missed. Bride Bella's dress hanging on a plastic hanger. When Bride Bella reviews her wedding photos, she's going to be pissed.

See the difference!

Don't count on the photographer saying, "Hey, Bride Bella, the hanger your dress is on sucks. Do you happen to have a dress hanger any where?"  If your working with a wedding planner, he or she should think of this (I know I would).  But if you're organizing your wedding alone, there might not be anyone to bring this detail to your attention.

I know this may seem like a small detail but it counts. Besides, everything is in the details! Trust me, no bride wants to forever see her beautiful wedding gown hanging on a plastic hanger!! So, if your wedding dress does not come with a wooden or fabric hanger...ask for one from the boutique. Or if you have to, go out and by one.

Happy Planning!

Photo of dress on wooden hanger courtesy of Orange Girl Photographs
Photo of dress on plastic hanger courtesy of David Purslow


  1. How funny! I am a photographer who hates photographing gorgeous dresses on plastic hangers so I have a set of vintage wooden hangers for this very reason! Great Insight

  2. So True! A small detail that goes oh so far!