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DIY: Programs That Double As A CD

Style Me Pretty posted an incredibly chic idea for a wedding ceremony program that doubles as a favor. The idea was created by Bliss Weddings Market and the instructions are detailed below. Hate ending a sentence with a preposition but you learn the rules to break them!

Paperboard CD case (from
Two 1/8″ wide circle eyelets in the color white (from
Eyelet Setter (from
Rubber stamp (from of your desired image (from
One 28″ long ribbon not wider than 3/8″ or 5/8″ (from Michael’s)
Clear embossing ink (from Michael’s)
Embossing Powder in the color of you choice (from Michael’s)
Embossing Heat Gun (from Michael’s)
Pair of scissors or an X-acto ® knife (from Michael’s)
Scrap paper (from Michael’s)
Paper cutter (from Michaels)
Ruler (from Michaels)
Pencil (from Michaels)
Pinking Shears (from Michaels)
Mailing labels (for your CD playlist) (from local Office Supply store)
8-1/2” x 11” decorative paper for the ceremony program (from Michaels)
8-1/2” x 11” vellum paper for the program cover (from Michaels)
8-1/2” x 11” decorative paper for your handmade thank-you note (from Michaels)

1. Place the CD case on top of the scrap paper.
2. Using the clear embossing ink, rubber stamp the image onto the front of the CD case.
3. Generously sprinkle the colored embossing powder over the stamped image.
4. Slide the loose powder onto the scrap paper below.
5. Hover the embossing heat gun over the image as the powder melts producing a metallic, raised image.
6. Put CD case aside to let it cool.

7. Print your CD playlist onto mailing labels.
8. Cut them out using pinking shears to create an interesting edge.
9. Affix the playlist to the inner left side of the CD case.
10. Using your favorite word processing software, design your ceremony program and print it onto your decorative paper.
11. Place the vellum paper behind the ceremony program. Using the paper cutter, slice the papers together to measure approximately 5” wide x 10” long.
12. Place the papers in the interior center of the CD case.
13. Using your pencil, make a mark on the ceremony program 3/4” down from the top of the CD case’s spine and 3/4” up from the bottom of the spine.

14. Using the the tip of scissors (or an X-acto ® knife), carefully poke a small hole where you made your marks. (A hole puncher will not do – the size of its hole is wider than the spine of this CD case.)
15. Insert the eyelets into the top and bottom holes. Make sure the back of the eyelet is facing you.
16. Place the eyelet setter over the top eyelet. Using a blunt object, hammer the setter to flatten the backside of the eyelet. Repeat with the bottom eyelet.
The back of the eyelets should look like a “flower” and will permanently adhere the papers to the interior of the case.
17. To complete the case’s binding, thread your decorative ribbon through the eyelets and make a bow-tie on the side of the case.
18. Insert your personalized audio CD in the interior left pocket of the CD case.
19. Compose a thank-you note to your guests and insert into the inner right pocket of the CD case.

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