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Sara + Drew

Meet Sara + Drew!

Introduced to me by a client - thank you Andrea :-) - it's been amazing since our first telephone conversation. We only started to plan their May wedding in the very beginning of 2011, and are now we are almost 4 weeks out from the big day!

This past weekend, they had their engagement session with Cengiz, the unbelievably talented artist behind Adagion Studio. I am so proud of this e-shoot, and like a proud mama, I literally showed them to an entire room of people when the pictures popped up on my phone last night.

So, takling the fact Cengiz turned it around in less than 24 hours - seriously, who does that? - the pictures are absolutely fabulous. The city is alive in each and every image, and Sara + Drew even more so as they run wild throughout the concrete jungle - the two love nuts they are!!! The energy between them is perfectly captured. Their happiness, their comfort, their style (hello, Drew rocks a pocket square!).

Cengiz, you have serious skills. I can't wait for the beautiful Montauk wedding...4 weeks and counting! For now, enjoy each and every part of this classic shoot, and be sure to check out all the photos and much more on Cengiz's blog!

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  1. Thank you very much for your words Lauren! You rock! I am honestly blushing a little while typing -- just good that you cannot see me. We will have a blast at the wedding next month. Let us try to connect in late April or possibly even before April 13?