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Current Music : Luisito Quintero

It's no secret that life at Lauren Daversa Events has been moving ahead at full speed for quite some time. What most of my readers probably do not know is there is also a corporate division in this little company 'o' mine -The Daversa Group, which has also been moving ahead at lightening speed! Many people, actually, most people ask me at some point how do I keep it together. Besides being composed of pure, good ole' awesome-ness, LoL, I'd have to say music. Music is such a huge, HUGE part of my day. I can honestly say that I always have music on, where ever I am, whatever I am doing. That's one of the reasons why I like to take a few moments out and share what I'm currently grooving out to in the periodic Current Music posts.

Lately, I have really been into percussion. Just can't get enough of it. It it were up to me, I would enhance all of my events by pairing recorded music with live percussionists. It's just bad $ss - and Luisito Quintero is bad $ss! Born in Caracas, Venezuela, he traveled extensively with Oscar D’Leon and has worked with the late Tito Puente, Eddie Palmieri, Marc Anthony, Gloria Estefan, Richard Bona, Jack Dejonette, Willie Colon, George Benson, Natalie Cole, Herbie Hancock, Nuyorican Soul, and Masters at Work to name a few. Listen and love!!!

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