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L | D Finds : Exotic Chocolate Tasting

Chocolate is and always has been popular, however. I think chocolate has gone to Dr. Troy and Dr. McNamara and gotten a little Nip / Tuck, or at least hired a new publicist because it has been popping up all over the place and in new and sophisticated ways. For instance, chocolate was recently featured on My Fair Wedding when David Tutera brought a bride to a lesson in pairing wine and chocolate.

And just today, I received an email about exotic chocolate tasting and just fell in love with the idea of incorporating this during a dinner party. Through a guided tasting, Exotic Chocolate Tasting will combine the pleasure and fine nuances of chocolate in a fun, delicious and unique experience for you and your corporate or private guests. Similar to a fine wine tasting, you will discover exceptional artisan chocolates from around the world all in the comfort of your home or your own venue!

If you live in NYC, your in luck because Exotic Chocolate Tasting just so happens to be located there! The rest of us will have to be on the look out for a company in our neighborhood. Just make sure they are not sampling Hershey's :-)

Photo courtesy of Tifa Chocolate

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