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DIY Skirts

Here is an unwritten rule about being a woman and working in special cannot be scene in the same outfit twice. Sounds superficial, and I am sure there are people who disagree with this but ultimately, it's the truth. Why else do women wake up earlier than they need to in the morning? They do this to allow enough time to browse their wardrobe and put together a new outfit combination. Or if you're like me, you stay up later in the evening to find a new combination. It is also the same reason why women buy a new dress before a dinner party, or a date, or an important meeting. However, in reality, most women can't afford to ensure that they are never scene wearing the same outfit twice. What to do, what to do?

Well lately, I have been thinking about sewing. Not only sewing clothing but hand bags, tablecloths, draping, napkins, invitations. Everything! And recently I came across a tutorial on how to sew your own skirt from Grosgrain. This tutorial is fantastic and - dare I type - easy?!?!? Now, not only do I want to go out and buy a sewing machine but I want to become a fashion designer. Okay, I am not going to give up my day job but sewing could be both practical for my career while also developing into a fun addition to my hobbies. One of my new goals is to sew my own linens for Lauren Daversa Events.

Look at the skirts featured on Grosgrain which were sewn in under half an hour. The blog is filled with tutorials, inspiration and possibly the solution for women everywhere on how to never be scene wearing the same outfit twice!

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