Life is a special occasion

Veronica + Carlos

Meet Veronica + Carlos!

Recently, I read a quote from Brian Tracey that resonated with me. He wrote, "the greatest gift that you can give to others is the gift of unconditional love and acceptance."

What a truth this is.

I mean, how fortunate it is when two people are able to find one another in life!  What could be more fantastic than this - and I am given the chance to bear witness to this "gift" for a living. The very thing Brian Tracey so eloquently writes about is something I am in the presence of every day.

Veronica and Carlos are blessed with this love, I saw it from our very first meeting.  The past six months has been a pleasure help create their beautiful wedding and become friends at the same time.  In less than two months, friends and family will travel from near and far to celebrate there love at The Colony in Palm Beach. But for now, enjoy the love that radiates from V + C and cross your fingers I don't check out from the LDE blog until the fall of 2014! 

{ Photo credit Focused on Forever }

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