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TOTW : Introducing The POC

This is a great TOTW! Not only because it's the first TOTW of 2014, or because it the first TOTW written in a LOOOOONG time but because it's truly applicable to anyone and in all areas of life. 

Three letters : POC. 

If you follow my pinning escapades on Pinterest, then you know I so totally heart my POC {Pops of Color}. And if you've worked with me, then you know first hand through personal experience that I totally interject a POC into all my events.

So, you ask, what is exactly so important about POC and why am I so crazy for them? It's simple, a POC is the unexpected twist that brings life to the experience of an event and at Lauren Daversa Events we are all about unexpected twists! Why without unexpected twists, life would be so completely boring. 

Okay, how does a POC come into play in your world? 

My ladies probably already know how to rock a POC but for the boy readers, a POC is the perfect way to shake it up a little.  And if you're planning a wedding, a POC is the perfect way to get involved with your wedding. Simply, think to yourself ... where can you bring in some color? Take my fabulous + dashing groom Andrew, who interjected POC via custom socks that he gifted to his groomsmen to wear on the wedding day.  Groom Andrew took it a step further, LOVE, and coordinated his POC with the wedding's signature color {SIDE NOTE: he and his beautiful bride picked out : dark peacock blue}.   

Seriously, look at how fierce the shoe shot above is with the awesome POC! How boring would it be to feature a close up of a plain 'ol black sock! 

And check out these leaping groomsmen below ... the POC is an integral element of this image's success! 

Hopefully, I've now at least opened the door to the importance of the POC.  Not only in a wedding or special event, but into your life!  So change it up a little - interject a POC at home, or in the office, in your nail polish, lip gloss, iphone case, bag, sunglasses, picture frame, rug, or even via your wedding dress!

Take it from someone whose entire wardrobe USE TO consist of one color ... black.  Hey, I am born + raised in NYC but thanks to personal evolution, a POC is now a welcomed feature in my life and in my events!

Why not?  Life is too short + precious to bore yourself with BLAH!

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Photo courtesy of LDE fave, Adagion Studio.

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