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L | D Finds : Balsa Wood Flowers

Recently, I have decided to pick up a new obsession: balsa wood flowers. Also called tapioca flowers, these beauts are hand carved. That's right! These flowers, which are the wooden love child between a succulent and a ranuncula, are made from ecologically sustainable timber that will never wilt, never die and never-ever fade. Never-ever? Never-ever!

Ah-ma-zing, right? I know.

These babies have been popping up all over the place and sometimes require a double take. Sort of like with the succulents on this cake. Remember that! So if you are looking for a fun and/or eco-friendly and/or a more permanent bouquet or boutonnière option, ask your planner or designer how you can incorporate some basla into your program!

Photo + Design of top image courtesy of the amazing, JL Designs

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