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TOTW: What To Ask Your Wedding Videographer

Your wedding movie is certainly one movie you’re bound to watch over and over again―get it right and you’ll love every single viewing. Check out this basic checklist of questions to ask your potential videographer from Real Simple.

Edit 1 Media made the following suggestions for the bride and groom that will make for a better wedding video:

1. Ban gum. No one looks good chomping on gum, use breath mints instead. Make sure the wedding party knows this too.

2. Look at each other during your vows, not at the officiant. That can be hard to remember when you are a ball of nerves, but remember who you are marrying!

3. Don’t touch that mic! The wireless microphone placed on the groom is usually not recording until the ceremony begins. Also, any good videographer will NOT put in anything inappropriate (such as a nervous bathroom break!) in your wedding video! Once that microphone is on, just leave it alone or you run the risk of not having your vows recorded.

4. If your budget allows it, consider some professional lighting during your reception. A gobo light with your monogram or some colored uplights on the walls can make a world of difference both in the ambiance of the room and in your video.

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