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K Is For Kids

To have kids at your event or not to have kids at your event? This can be a tough question to answer. Especially if your family has children in it, or if you have lots of friends that have kids. Either way, there are a lot of reasons why you may or may not want children present for your event.

To start, ask yourself:

-Will having children present add to, or take away from the over all event?

-Will guests you want at the event not be able to attend if they can’t bring their children?

-How will the possible distraction of having children present make you feel?

-Is there a place you can designate at the event site for parents to take loud or unruly children or crying babies?

-Can you afford the added expense of the special measures that will need to be taken to help if so many children attend the event?

If it is going to be a kid friendly affair, you may want to consider creating a kids area. I was reading Zephyr Tents blog and came across a wise solution, creating a designer kids area.

-Designate a kid friendly area and create a cozy atmosphere by using big comfy pillows, low tables, and colorful paper lanterns.

-Have a special table for them covered with butcher paper and put out crayons, games and other fun activities to keep them busy.

-Hire a few nannies from a reputable agency who come prepared with arts & crafts, games, stickers, balloons and more.

-If your event is in a hotel or another place with additional available rooms, consider renting a room just for kids.

-Be sure to have the caterer design a kid-friendly menu and set-up their own special buffet.

If your event will be kid friendly, take care of the children. The parents will get to enjoy the evening talking with adults instead of entertaining their kids and your event will be even more of a success!

Photo courtesy of Trista Lerit

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